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Welcome to Mergent Archives TM

Mergent Archives is an online database featuring a vast, indexed collection of more than a century’s worth of global corporate and industry related documents. This collection contains hundreds of thousands of reports covering over 100 countries and industries. Mergent Archives uses a reliable and easy-to-navigate system designed to meet your historical research needs.

Key Features:

  • Reports are fully digitized in color
  • Every report featured in full-page, high-resolution PDF format for viewing and printing clarity
  • Reports are offered in multiple languages, where available
  • Access to U.S., Canadian or international databases
  • Global coverage and access to over 1,000,000 historical documents with new reports and companies added daily
  • Advanced screening options with fully searchable text in every document
  • Point in time database - view data and read articles written and collected during the year published
  • All reports come from trusted sources including:
    • - Mergent’s private collection
    • - Leading universities and libraries
    • - Private providers

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